How to make money on your Minecraft Server


Running a Minecraft server can be very expensive. You need to rent a server from a hosting provider. You might need premium plugins or custom made plugins. Some hire their staff, advertising, and so on.

Because of that many server owners look into the possibility of earning some money on the server that they worked so hard on. In this post, we will go through some ways that you can earn revenue to help you keep the server alive, or maybe even earn some money after the expenses.

Before starting

Before you start to monetize your Minecraft server we have some tips for you. People that donate their money are players that already played on the server and feel that you deserve an extra boost. To gain this kind of players we recommend that you have a close to perfect experience before launching your server. The server should be fully functioning without any lag or errors. Your world should be set up properly and there should be enough moderators to keep everything smooth.

Ways of earning money on your server

Keep in mind that according to Minecraft Terms of Service you are not allowed to sell anything that gives any advantage to a player (aka pay to play).

There are multiple ways of earning money for your server. Below we have listed some of the most common ones to earn money.

Accept Donations

The most common way of earning money as a server is to accept donations. Players that feel that they want to support you could donate a couple of bucks. There is plenty of larger servers that make a full-time salary on this kind of income.

Use Affiliate Marketing

Another not so common way of earning a few bucks is affiliate marketing. Many online websites have affiliate programs available. You can check ours out here.

Have an Items store for Cosmetics

Minecraft does not allow servers to sell anything that gives you an advantage in-game. But you are allowed to sell cosmetics and pets etc. There is a bunch of plugins that can achieve this for you.

Sell Advertising

Other people also need to advertise things as well. You can charge people to advertise on your channels. If you do have a website (which you should) you can display their ad for a fixed fee per month.

If you do have a decently populated discord there is also the possibility to sell advertising slots there.


Selling Minecraft merch could also be a source of income for your server. Many sites let you upload your own logo and sell those items without depositing any money. RedBubble is a good example.


Running a server can be very expensive but after the above tips and tricks, we hope that you will be able to earn some income from your Minecraft server. Good luck fellow Minecraft players!

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