Introducing our Hosting Panel

Pandora Hosting has the leading Control panel in the market. Delivering the fastest experience hosted on a global fleet of servers. Ensuring a response of milliseconds and 100% uptime.

What makes it different

Our panel balances the requests of users across multiple geographically distributed servers, allowing us to handle a high amount of traffic. If a resource becomes unhealthy, it will be withdrawn and traffic will be redirected to healthy resources.

Panel Features

Mod Pack Manager

Love mod packs? We do too. With our Mod Pack Manager, you can install the most popular Mods without leaving the panel.

Smart File Search

Unsure where a file is located? With our smart File search feature, you are able to find the file you are looking for within seconds. Saving you time to put into management.

Advanced Tools

We provide you with some of the most advanced features in the industry. Our health monitor checks your server for crashes and restarts it automatically. Keeping your server online without you having to do it manually. We also have a Jar installer where you can install different jars like paper, spigot, and a bunch of other jars. Again. Without leaving the panel.

Advanced Configurations

Using our Startup configuration you will save time. No need to edit the config files anymore.

Add Additional Users

Someone helping you manage your server? You can add sub-users to gain control over your server. You control their permissions. Without endangering your own credentials.

Minecraft Plugin Manager

Tired of going to different plugin websites and figuring out how to install them? We solve this. We provide you with over 3000 plugins from within the panel. Install them all with the click of a button.

FTP File Manager

Our file manager lets you control your server files without using an FTP client. Everything to make your life easier.

Action Logs

Who did what on your server? Our action logs keep track of all the changes made by you and your sub-users. Letting you be in full control.

Server Console

Our intuitive server console displays everything in realtime. Alongside that, you can see what resources are being used by your server.