Frequently Asked Questions

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Do you provide support with your services?

Yes, all our services come with premium support by our talented team at no extra cost.

How fast is it setup?

All servers are setup instantly after we receive your payment.

Do I get a free MySQL Database?

All of our services come with 10 free MySQL databases

I ordered my server and I haven't received any details.

If you can’t see any emails with your server details in, please firstly check your junk mail, if it’s not in there, submit a ticket and let us know so we can re-send them again.

Do I get FTP access?

You can access your files from our file manager in the panel. Or you can use your unique FTP credentials.

Can I transfer my service to someone else?

Yes, you can. Just open a ticket in our billing area.


Why does my card keep getting declined?

In most cases, some banks will decline the charge due to us being a Swedish company operating online, so the bank thinks someone is trying to process a purchase internationally which may be blocked by default. You can contact your bank to have this fixed.

I don’t want my server any more, can I get a refund?

Our refund policy applied to a client’s first purchase within 48 hours; which we will provide a full refund( minus fees) at your request if you are not satisfied.


Are my credit card details stored anywhere?

No, we do not store your credit card details. The details are stored safely on our payment provider (Stripe). They assign us a token that we use to process the payment.

Is my personal info secure?

Yes. We work very hard to keep all of our systems locked down tight. All of our employees are also forced to sign a Non-disclosure agreement before joining us.


Can I upload my own world file?

Yes, you can upload your existing world files, plugins, and mods.

What locations do you have?

We provide services in the following locations:

United kingdom, London

France, Roubaix

Canada, Beauharnois

More following very soon.