Our Story

Pandora Hosting was created to bring better hosting to the players for an affordable price tag. Offering the best performance and superior support, because we want to be there for you. Providing the tools you need to start your very own premium game server at a low cost. Shortly, Pandora will offer countless games and services to choose from. We’re looking to expand as fast as we can, offering more games at even better prices.

Founders Story

Pandora Hosting was founded By Benjamin. Benjamin Is 22 years old Entrepreneur working as a bartender part-time. Got the idea of Pandora Hosting from a community he ran on Garry´s Mod for about three years. The name comes from the original Gmod server name “Pandora Networks”. As a gamer and server owner, he quickly found the drawbacks and features missing so he decided to start this company. He is still running it by this day.


We here at Pandora take pride in our high-performance speeds, the reliability of our servers, the affordability of our packages, our superior customer support and our straight-forward approach to billing. At the end of the day, most hosting providers provide roughly the same service. But we decided to take the approach to provide the best customer service. While still having the best product on the market.

Our Struggle

Improvements are something we are addicted to here at Pandora Hosting. Since the start of our company, we have been improving our site, services, prices, etc. We don’t believe in standing still. This approach is a tough one. We have gone through a lot of money, time, and effort to become what we are today. A product we can be proud of.