About Us
The start of Pandora Hosting

What happens when you try to host a game server on your home computer? It overloads the network, it’s not 100% safe unless you know what you’re doing and if your internet goes, the server goes as well. So what do you do, you go to a hosting company. But what do you do when the hosting company doesn’t provide what you need? That’s the question that got this company started. We tried almost all of the popular hosting companies out there but faced the same problem every time. They were overpriced or had poor support. That’s why we took it upon ourselves to bring affordable quality server hosting to the people.

The spark that ignited the fire

It all began with a simple Minecraft server in 2012. We hosted it locally and quickly saw the drawbacks. We wanted to improve the stability and performance for the players, so we switched to a hosting company. The company didn’t completely suit our needs but it was better than hosting it ourselves.

Fast forward a couple years and we arrive in 2018, the year we started a Garry´s mod server. From the get go it was rented to provide better performance. Being rather successful it kept growing but the hosting company couldn’t keep up. We decided to switch hosts, this didn’t help so we switched again and again. You can imagine that this wasn’t fun for the players. So the server died, we lost most of our players because of the down time.

After a brief time out, we reopened the GMod server under a different name. Pandora. We couldn’t resist creating a new server, it’s addictive in a way. We, again, rented a server and got started. After a month we started doubting the host again and we decided enough is enough. We needed to host it ourselves to provide the quality we desire, so we did. We started just for our own server but quickly realised, there must be people out there having the same issues. We had to bring this to the players.

Pandora Hosting was created to bring better hosting to the players for an affordable price tag. Offering the best performance and superior support, because we want to be there for you. Providing the tools you need to start your very own premium game server at low cost. In the near future, Pandora will offer countless games and services to choose from. We’re looking to expand as fast as we can, offering more games at even better prices.

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